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Breakfast of Champions

I often meet with people who are a) on a quest to find their purpose b) looking for work with meaning 3) want to make new connections 4) need to hash out crazy-fun new ideas or challenging problems they or their organization are trying to solve 5) need to talk about THE FEAR.

All of this is much easier over eggs.

  • If you are interested in meeting with me, you can set up a┬ábreakfast appointment here.


I am available for speaking engagements at events or meetings. Familiar topics are finding your purpose, aligning business with social impact, tools for overcoming fear and finding happiness at work, Un-networking: how to be a star collector.

  • To book me for a speaking engagement, contact me.

Social Impact Consulting

If your organization is trying to make a difference and looking for the team to make it happen, recruit the Corps! Ideaction Corps is a full service social change agency, with expertise in corporate social impact, conscious leadership, communications strategy, organizational and resource development, advocacy, program design and measurement, and more.