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Please fix this.

Posted on Apr 22, 2014 in Ideas

Of course I want to find a cure for cancer, and eradicate poverty and find a way to stop the planet from imploding, but sometimes it’s the daily stuff that drives me nuts. Here are some things living in my head today that I wish we could fix, not in any particular order.

  1. A secure, fast, inexpensive way to access digital things without having to enter a login and password. I simply cannot and do not want to remember them.
  2. Please find a way for big companies we have to use, such as AT&T, Comcast, United, utility companies and insurance companies to solve my problem on the phone without having to be transferred to multiple people. For God’s sake, get them some good CRM.
  3. A new term for “consultant” that does not sound like bull shit.
  4. An iPod mini sized recorder that is wireless, clips on anywhere, records my ideas when I an running or in the car, then plugs in with simple USB to my computer and uploads all the content in Word doc.
  5. A philanthropic pipeline for nonprofits. Why can’t foundations collaborate to support an organization from start up, to early stage, to growth acceleration?
  6. And while I am on this point, foundations really should adopt common benchmarks and measures for specific problems so people trying to solve them are not running retrofitting their solutions to a new funder every day. (I know, I know, some people are “working’ on it. Seems to me there is only one reason this is hard: ego.)
  7. An iPhone/iPod/iPad battery that lasts at least a month. (Hey, we can put a man on the MOON).
  8. Housing for people that need it. It is insane that we all pay more money to stash humans in jails and hospitals and cardboard boxes because we simply refuse to invest in housing and supportive services that meets their needs and costs way-way less.
  9. A really good running shoe that does not cost $100- or – does not have to be replaced every 300 miles.
  10. A way to recycle that is not a pain in the ass. Why are we not making the non-recyclables a pain and the sustainable stuff easy?
  11. Free wireless. Everywhere. For everyone.
  12. Cheap umbrellas that you can buy at the dime store in a storm that do not turn inside out.
  13. Roads that do not need to be repaved to fill in potholes every single spring.
  14. Free, sanitary, safe bike helmets for Divvy and other commuter bike systems.
  15. An easy, efficient, dignified way for those who need it to get Medicaid or SNAP, or other safety-net services. I can get a drivers license, a business license, and a million other things on line. Why do we make it so hard for people to access food and medical care?

Please feel free to steal these problems and solve them. And if you know someone who has solved them, do tell.

What problems do you want to solve?

P.S. One of my favorite problem solving blogs: LifeHacker



  1. DZ
    May 28, 2014

    16. Free, sanitary hand grips on the DIVVY Bikes

    17. All stores have self checkout lines (see CVS)

    18. Get rid of parking meters all over the city

    19. Redesign the lakefront path to have 3 lanes, one for running, one for bikes, and one for tourists without a clue.

    20. All bars should close at 1:00AM

    21. A Mayor who would live in Englewood and send his kids to public schools. Things would change overnight in Chicago for the poor.

    22. TSA Lines…All airports have a business lanes, Seasonal travelers lanes, family lanes, those without a clue lanes.

  2. Mike
    May 28, 2014

    Solution for #1 (Mac users): 1Password – you create one, strong password which protects all of your other passwords, then enters them for you into the websites you use. Can also remember credit cards, etc. Works on laptop, desktop, iPad, iPhone and syncs wirelessly. I swear by it.


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