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Drowning in Email? “tips & scripts” that will make your life easier

Posted on Jun 25, 2014 in Ideas, Life


One of my favorite guides is Alexandra Franzen. She “writes about how to be a better writer and a nicer human being.”

Today my inbox included a gift from her that I would like to share with you. True to her own advice, when I asked if I could share her post on my blog, she responded, “go for it” – in about 2 seconds flat.

Here it is:

Many of us send + receive up to 120 emails a day. That’s about 1 email every 4 minutes … … that’s according to a technology research firm called The Radicati Group.

Kinda crazy, right?

Whether you send 5 emails a day or 500, it never hurts to revisit your relationship with email, and learn how to write shorter, simpler, more effective emails … faster.

Because less time at the keyboard means more time making art, baking scones, calling your mama to tell her you love her, and reading trashy summer novels. Yessss.

Today, I’ve bundled up 10 of the best pieces I’ve ever written about (you guessed it) … email. Tips ‘n scripts, galore.

Here we go!

READ THIS when you’re wasting forty minutes trying to write a two-sentence email, and you just … can’t … hit … send.

READ THIS for seven all-purpose guidelines to help you write the kinds of emails that people actually want to receive.

READ THIS when you’ve got an email sitting in your inbox that you sooooo don’t want to respond to (but kinda have to).

READ THIS when you need to change your mind and write an email to say “no” (after already saying “yes.”)

READ THIS when you need to write an email saying “absolutely not” to a ridiculous, rude or thoughtless request.

READ THIS for a universal script to help you say NO to everything, ever. (Or check out my $10 wee-book, How To Say No … Nicely, filled with ten more scripts for different scenarios.)

READ THIS when you want to write an email to help you become BFFs with someone you admire.

READ THIS when you want to write to a friend or loved one and tell them all of the possibilities you envision for them. (They’ll flip.)

READ THIS when you want to convince a potential client (or employer) that you are The One. (Even when you don’t have all the experience or credentials they want.)

READ THIS when your inbox is totally out of connnnntrol — and you want to GET fewer emails, not just answer them faster.

And just for fun … READ THIS when you want to send a super-sultry text (or email) to your sweetheart, that will get their heart racing … home to you.

Happy writing, friends.

Oh, and … it’s a beautiful day + the sun misses your sweet face.

I hope this is the last email that you read today.


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