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Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people and organizations find their purpose and make progress.

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Breakfast of Champions

If you are looking for work with meaning, new connections, some outside perspective on a challenge you or your organization is facing, or need to talk about THE FEAR.

All of this is much easier over eggs.


I am always happy to speak at events or meetings. Familiar topics are aligning profit with social impact, overcoming fear and finding happiness at work, developing effective partnerships.

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Social Impact Consulting

A full service social change agency, Ideaction Corps has expertise in corporate social impact, communications, partnership development, advocacy, program design, creative services and more.

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Why I will march on Washington

Why I will march on Washington

Posted on Jan 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

Today am flying from Chicago to Washington DC to participate in the Women’s March on Washington. Why? Why does it matter that a bunch of people march together outside? What does it really change? One of my friends asked me this question recently, and it got me thinking that it was important that I answer […]

Brainfood Brainfood


Posted on Nov 22, 2015 in Ideas

                          I have this habit of reading something that inspires me or something that I think would interest or help someone I know, and then moving on quickly to the next thing of the day and not sharing this something. So I am […]

Is branding more effective when you don’t plan it and you don’t pay for it? Is branding more effective when you don’t plan it and you don’t pay for it?

Is branding more effective when you don’t plan it and you don’t pay for it?

Posted on Jul 6, 2015 in Ideas

I’ve been observing (and participating in) the “branding” around the gay marriage movement, and asking a question I don’t yet have clear insight around: does the organization-agnostic branding of a movement help to propel it forward with funding and advocacy? Is it helpful in fighting stigma? There was a great piece on the history of the […]


Annie Warsaw, CEO & Co-Founder, Smarty Pants Yoga

From the minute I met Kelly I felt welcomed and energized! Her passion and enthusiasm for the work she does to help cultivate community amongst entrepreneurs and the non-profit sector is inspiring. Over the course of our relationship Kelly’s insights into navigating business competition and social agencies has been detrimental to the understanding  of my relationships with partners and the business community at large. Her open heart has helped me soften my approach towards others and as a result I have built better relationships!

- Annie Warsaw, CEO & Co-Founder, Smarty Pants Yoga
Sarah Frick <span class="company">Chicago Commons</span>

After meeting with Kelly, I not only have a better sense of clarity about what I need to focus on but I leave with a list of individuals that she has offered to connect me to. She is truly the ultimate connecter! I am always so appreciative of the time Kelly takes to listen and understand what it is you want to accomplish—from professional development, strategic thinking to personal vacation planning Kelly is a wonderful resource and I feel lucky to have met her almost 10 years ago.

- Sarah Frick Chicago Commons
Kathleen Hayes <span class="company">KTHayes Consulting</span>

I met Kelly through a mutual professional friend at a time when I was really trying to decide (in my mid-40s!) what I want to be when I grow up.I remember Kelly’s advice (which was never delivered as advice but rather as a personal story) about what can happen when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, career-wise: That times like that are when things are about to turn around. And if you listen carefully to the subtle messages around you, you’ll find your true path. I came away feeling inspired and validated. And grateful for the connection.

- Kathleen Hayes KTHayes Consulting